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If you are part of our target audience, we invite you to become a member of WiGRAPH!

As a member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Submit your work and accomplishments for possible features on WiGRAPH’s social media channels
  • Enjoy additional, member-only networking and community-building opportunities, via e.g., virtual events or informal gatherings co-located with various Graphics conferences
  • Provide feedback and suggestions during an annual Town Hall event

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Do I fit the criteria for WiGRAPH’s “target audience”?

WiGRAPH is a community group for women in computer graphics research and it welcomes as members researchers from all historically marginalized or underrepresented genders in Computer Graphics.

We also use a broad definition of “researcher”, and welcome everyone who has an interest in, and/or an established history of, contributing to the body of technical research in Computer Graphics (CG). Qualifying examples may include (but are not limited to):

  • Having previously published a peer-reviewed technical research paper in CG (e.g., at a journal like ToG or a conference such as SIGGRAPH, SGP, SCA)
  • Aspiring to publish a peer-reviewed technical research paper in CG
  • (Interest in) producing technical work similar to that seen in the technical papers track in CG (regardless of intention/desire to publish peer-reviewed papers relating to this work)
  • Developing materials (e.g., code, articles, slides, demos) that help distill, disseminate, and/or increase the accessibility of technical research in CG

I don’t fit the criteria, but I’m still interested in what WiGRAPH is doing. How can I stay involved?

We are delighted to have your support! We frequently offer content (events, spotlights, resource collections, etc.) that is open to everyone, and we’d love to see you there! We would also be grateful if you could help us spread the word about WiGRAPH and our events/content to others in your communities – especially those who might be eligible for membership.

We will continue posting about WiGRAPH's events and other updates via Twitter and our mailing list.

I’m not sure if my (intended) work is considered “computer graphics”. Could I still meet the research criteria as posed above?

Computer Graphics has been an interdisciplinary field for a long time, and we’re all better for it! Whether your primary work is in computer vision, programming languages, compilers, design, HCI, physics, mechanical engineering or anything else: you are welcome here as long as you have an interest in computer graphics as described above.


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