WiGRAPH maintains several resource collections in an effort to help researchers of all stages – whether they're trying to find a job, polish their first paper, or just dip their toes in the water to see what graphics research has to offer! Feel free to peruse our curated resources below, and reach out to us if you have any suggestions about things we should add!

  • Opportunities

    A collection of fellowships, job opportunities, internships and more, for graphics researchers of all stages.

  • Learning

    A collection of helpful learning resources for all levels – whether you're just starting out in graphics, or looking to keep up on the latest trends.

  • Applying to Grad School

    A collection of resources to help you navigate the grad school application process, whether you're looking to polish your Statement of Purpose, or just starting to explore whether grad school is right for you!

  • Research Communication

    Resources to help you communicate your work -- through technical writing tips, poster templates and more!

  • Teaching

    Resources to help you share your passions with others through courses, reading groups, and more!