Welcome to WiGRAPH

Written by WiGRAPH Executive Team
Posted on August 1, 2020

We are so excited to launch this new initiative, to build a community of women researchers in Computer Graphics.

Our main goal is to broaden the network of women researchers in Graphics. We believe that we can help increase the number of women pursuing cutting edge research in the field by creating environments where women researchers can interact with each other and seek role models, mentorship, and encouragement.

With these goals in mind, our events are always centered about research topics—e.g.,sharing advice about how to pick research topics, pursue research questions, and navigate the industry/academia markets.

Our main yearly event is the Berthouzoz's lunch that happens at the Siggraph conference. We also have a mailing list and facebook group where we encourage research-related advice and opportunities.


Q: I heard of a fellowship/job opportunity for graphics research, can you help me advertise?
A: Our mailing list and facebook groups are designed for this.

Q: Are your events and mailing lists the right venues for dicussing policies against discrimination and harassment?
A: We refer to ACM SIGGRAPH CARES and other events hosted by the Siggraph D&I committee (e.g the Siggraph Summit) for these discussions. Our events are targeted at celebrating successful women in our fields who can inspire the new generation and providing networking opportunities that will encourage more women to pursue research in the field.

Q: Are you targeting other SIGGRAPH affiliated venues?
A: At the moment we only have an event at the main SIGGRAPH conference but we hope to expand our efforts in the future.

Q: How can I get involved?
A: Please reach out to the organizers if you’d like to volunteer for the next event!

Q: Are men allowed in the events?
A: While our events are designed for women researchers, our events are always open to all.